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Third album released as Nihil Obstat. Recorded April to June 2008, originally released June 2008 by Sounds Abound netlabel (


"One of the most important truths regarding Nihil Obstat's existence is that it is fundamentally non-ideological in nature. That is not to say that it is devoid of emotional impact or that it does not lend itself to certain interpretations or conclusions. Instead, it deviates from the modus operandi of many other noise/power electronics groups who choose to use their group to promote their extremist philosophies, rather than advancing the musical genre which they represent. While I do not necessarily condemn or condone such activities or beliefs, it often appeared to me that many of these groups present these philosophies either for shock value or an attempt to engage in cultural terrorism and/or re-programming. My conviction has always been that Nihil Obstat (and the power-electronics/noise genres in general) do not need such unneccesary ideological 'attatchments' in order to attract listeners.

"Reclamation" is defined as "the process of reclaiming something from loss or from a less useful condition". This encapsulates not only the particular aim of this album, but the ideals of Nihil Obstat as a whole: the creation of noise for people who do not need to be sold tired fascist/nationalist ideals or boring, outdated and inaccurate misanthropic/misogynist theories/practices. Nihil Obstat is for noise/power-electronics fans who realize that noise, as a genre, is legitimate even without the constant shock value that tends to be attached to it (often for no honest reason other than to move units of limited editions). Finally, N.O. is for those whose minds and hearts have not been corroded and closed by extremist fanaticism, those who still possess some degree of an open mind and inquisitive nature, who refuse to take anything at face value without at least a cursory search for truth.

Net-Label Description:
This album ranges from scratching abyssal noise with a hint of harmony to twittering walls of industrial sound attacks, that send its listener into a roaring torrent of auditory overload and gives one an impression of their brains being crushed to powder and reforming again and again in a clearer state of thought. It is conceptual and emotional but for a good reason. It doesn't exist to simply gather attention. All that being said we here at Sounds Abound have one more thing we would like to convey. WE WANT MORE!!!"


released January 23, 2016




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Lithium Industries encompasses the solo, collaborative, and remix work of John Lithium, Nathan James Carter, and related entities. This also includes present and future work from Argali Records Netlabel.

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